Monday, 20 December 2010

Poem: Wearing Autumn

Wearing Autumn
don't be fooled by this white dress
these curves and lines
in truth, I am wearing autumn
colorful coats, wind at the feet
waving dark golden hair
got caught in her adorable breath
her face blooming with wisdom
gracefully she walks in
bringing with her the cold
that goes into my hands
and I hide them
in the pockets of my coat
drying my hair in the wind
drinking from her well
thinking through her slightly
        melancholic mind
for you see, I am always wearing autumn
© Nataša Dolenc

 Written in July of this year.

I don't know if you share my enthusiasm about autumn, but I always felt most comfortable and most at peace during that season. I get the most inspiration from it, and it seems like it's easier to think clearer. Besides, I'm autumn-born.



  1. hey natasek..

    now since have expressed my thoughts about this particular song already, let me just write a few quick words as i don't really enjoy repeating myself, contrary to what anyone might say ;)

    i really do like how you've intertwined the physical appearance of your dress with metaphors about your favorite season.. there's a certain smoothness to it all that i can't help but enjoy.. it's like a really nice transition in a musical piece, it's not like it's the main theme of the song, but it can make a huge difference either way - glad to say in your case it's the good kind...

    and this is likely to be unnoticed by anyone who hasn't seen you in person, but your mannerisms are nicely described in the song as well.. it's easy to imagine aunt autmn (well that's just dumb) going through your hair and bringing with her the known sensations and peace that the season brings for you, while you smile shyly and glance away..

    a very enjoyable and peaceful song this one..

  2. I'm glad you really see it, as I did when it was forming in my mind. well, you may never know exactly what I see, but you do come close.