Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Poem: If only you would love the rain

She cut out her heart and buried it in the depths of autumn,
left with a heart shaped box of leaves.
She said: »It's a long way back into dust.«
and in between the words you could hear the trees whisper.
She looked at herself in the mirror,
felt like the reflection echoed into infinity,
through glass and camera she admired her shadow;
until someone with a heart of snow touched her skin.
Her body shivered under the cold and stumbled down at his feet.
She saw a glimpse of a boy she chased down the streets when they were kids.
Clenched her thighs and bit her lower lip,
for all the mistakes and bad decisions she has made.
His presence was exhilarating, chilling to the bone,
with a touch he brought snow and frost to her heart shaped box.
She was spell-bound; the cold was her first weakness.
No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find a reflection of his.
She asked: »How can someone be and not leave an echo in infinity?«
The next hand that touched her, had a heart of flowers.
Sweet scent of life expanded from his chest.
Although he could satisfy her pleasures like a long forgotten dream,
she kept yearning for the cold.
The last hand to touch her, had a heart of sunshine;
such a cliché to melt under the softness of a touch,
admiring the flickering lights his rays left behind.
He painted on her skin and in between her collarbones
he placed a locket of a secret garden and said:
»Use your little key to open it, whenever you wish to escape.«
One night her curious mind pushed her to open the locket,
in there she found a glass with glittering light.
All the burning reflections ignited a fire to the leaves in her heart shaped box.
He said: »Now you are finally closer to dust, just like you wanted.«
Looking back into his eyes she whispered with regret:
»If only you would love the rain.«

If only she knew, the next heart to touch her would love the rain.


  1. Beautifully writing, Natàsa. I was carried along in the flow of the story and was chilled by the ending. Sometimes temptation is hard to resist....

  2. Beautiful and chilling indeed :)

  3. I just love your opening lines here.. so imaginative and it really connects the whole poem to the idea of both Autumn and heartbreak. Thank you for sharing on Real Toads.

  4. She may face surprises. That she had anticipated. Confessions of endearment can bring unexpected results. Nicely Natasa!


  5. This is like the rain- misty, muting sound, screening sight, a bit mysterious and sad.

  6. She's been through a wonder she's panting.

  7. Beautifully written, Natasa. Welcome to the Garden.

  8. This tale does carry the reader along. I was touched by the wistfulness of "if only you would love the rain...." yes, she has been through a lot. Love the title of this poem, and the way the ending brings it home.

  9. Beautiful piece..I love how you opened it and continued with the season of loss.