Sunday, 31 March 2013

Poem: Belong


this ribcage is a door behind which hides an ocean
sounds of the waves escape the mouth
I moved around the kitchen as carelessly as I used to
my body independent from the wanting
these egoistic creatures upon which I stand
never made enough use of their strong fibre
rocks and water have left marks on my skin
earth fighting a battle on the surface of our bodies
like bubbles - when you poke it, the air gets out

I belong to you, a bit wearied and bent
diving through each dark coloured leaf
I push my palms against the starlit sky
space between the earth and the moon is mine
I wish you'd make a constellation out of the marks on my skin
and fall in love with each one of them
I wrote it in capital letters so you would know
the adjective that was missing; like your voice
that used to remind me of who I really am

a tree extends across my back as wings would
there is a place on the back of my neck
where you can kiss me and make the branches shiver
so I can feel the eternity rushing through the veins
but »never« is a word unknown to this suit
 the future doesn't look so infinite
growing old with the dread of ending
let the body not be aware of its mortality
moon is the heart, stardust is the blood


  1. the constalation of the marks on the skin and falling in love with them made me smile....have said the same of my wifes freckles...ha...the cap letter adjective missing is cool too...really some cool imagery in this...

    and thanks for visiting last week...smiles...hope you had a good week...

    1. that's lovely... thank you.

      (and you're welcome)

      ps: thanks for the retweet.

  2. Oh I simply love this! I could quote line after line. Beautiful work!

  3. This is a very deep, intense and thoughtful piece.

    1. because it's worth writing about..thank you.

  4. This is such a beautiful write! I love the feel of this--and the vastness (sorry--but it is a word that occurs)of it

    1. indeed, you can use that word here.. and I'm glad you liked it. thank you.

  5. that was a stellar conclusion.loved it.

  6. nice piece - you imagery is deep and thoughtful

  7. Beautiful exploration of deep feelings done with a vivid sensitivity. Loved your imagery,