Monday, 1 April 2013

Poem: Two lovers lost at war

Feather fell down in a dusky lighted room,
with enough sound to be noticed,
but not enough to draw attention.
The same manner in which I’ve been
opening and closing doors.
Dreams we make up as kids,
'cause later we forget how to dream.
Even if they are taken away from us,
it is important to create them.
Otherwise today has no more tomorrow.
All that we know, we can capture in a glimpse.
Our expectations are greater,
but they blindfold us.
The flowers on the window
and candles at the door.
A ballet dancer as a dandelion puff,
bending the arms as if to speak;
in a storm that comes and goes
as if with the waves.
Standing on a floating feather,
with an angel weeping at the shoulder.
We haven't been running,
yet we have always been racing,
since the day we were born.
We shed our skins and call it dust.
Fear finds the smallest of cracks
and it permeates through.
Growing bigger in an anxious mind.
There is still place to leave a trace.
Curiosity takes you a step further
and awards you with undiscovered lands.
Remember the feeling when your heart
just can’t take it anymore?
Chasing eternity through the golden summer fields;
there is quite enough light to hope,
for two lovers lost at war.


  1. I remember the feeling... sometimes though I really can't take it anymore! Great Poem

  2. I want to hang on to that light at the end. A lot of beautiful lines Natasa!
    "Fear finds the smallest of cracks / and it permeates through." and "Chasing eternity through the golden summer fields" are my favourite.

  3. we have been racing since the day we were born...shedding our skin like dust is such an emotive line for me as well....and two lovers lost at war...there are some really nice undertones in the feather falling, just not loud enough for attention...

  4. I was really touched by the part of your poem where you said that it is important to create dreams as children because later we forget how to dream. (Some people do anyway.) I just love the imagination of children, the unhibited dreams and fantasy of childhood. Oh if only we could bottle that & save it for later when we really needed to revisit the dreams and fantasies again. Later on you talk about the cracks that fear manages to find. So true, I think we have to make certain those cracks stay small & that we do not allow fear to overpower us. I enjoyed your write, Nataša.

  5. I like the use of the feathers and opening/closing doors as symbolism ~ I hope for those 2 lovers lost in war, to finally and one day, see the light ~

  6. Your imagery is really good at painting the visual picture in the reader's mind. I especially liked the meaning in these 3 lines:

    We shed our skins and call it dust.
    Fear finds the smallest of cracks
    and it permeates through.

  7. There was magic in the world when I was I loved this poem and all its texture and meaning. The magic is still there, of course, it just takes a little longer to tap into. Needless to say, I loved this, Nataša.

  8. What a beautiful piece--especially your close--

  9. some of the lines were quite magical. deeply felt and quite intimate.let tomorrow never die.

  10. This was wonderful to read. Wise words from a fellow pilgrim. I relate to the heart that cant take it any more, followed by "chasing eternity through the golden summer fields." Glorious.

  11. Exceptionally lovely piece - I began to quote lines and realized I was copying nearly each line - strong, wonderful, lyrical, magical mystical writing - wonderful poem :)


  12. Growing bigger in an anxious great poetic experience....

  13. I read this several times and it was just as beautiful as the first. Wow!

  14. I agree...our expectations can indeed blindfold us. Nicely done introspective piece.

  15. Interesting the juxtaposition of lovers and war, then further symbolized as all kinds of floating things sustaining impossible weight. Like lovers escaping the harsh reality of circumstance and floating away in denial. But that is so wonderfully romantic that no one could resist.