Saturday, 20 April 2013

Poem: Of skin dreams

He asked her why she carries the moon upon her shoulders;
but her answer gave him more questions than answers.
»So that the ghosts I know become faceless.«
He knew the balance between intruding and letting things develop.
»May I give you stars, so people might confuse you for a night sky?«
She smiled apologetically: »I didn't ask for the stars,
but for someone to lay down with and watch them.«
It starts with a few gentle piano keys.
Between tiny neon bulbs we spread our hearts on these sheets,
wishing our hands would grow roots
into each other skin.
“My eyes are burning and my eyelids feel heavy,” she said.
“But I’m afraid to even blink,
‘cause all of this could be gone when I open them.
My mind keeps reaching for you.”
He put his palms against her cheek and said:
“Your skin and nerves developed from the same group of cells.
They were of a familiar mind; lovers like you and I;
they were separated, but made something beautiful out of it.
Now the nerve cells keep grasping towards the skin.
They never give in. Carefully listening to every stroke, brush, tingle...
So don’t be afraid to rest your eyes,
I’ll draw dreams on your skin.”
---- so many ways to touch someone
electricity of our fingers leave us breathless
refilling our lungs, restarting our hearts
until there is no fear left inside.

It's kind of weird how this poem and drawing accidentally fit together. Neither one influenced the other.


  1. Wells of emotion riddle this impassioned poem. Beautiful.

  2. It speaks of true soulmates, who are not together but still together in many ways:)

  3. i didnt ask for stars but someone to lay down beside of and watch answer....draw dreams on your ht intimacy in your is a beautiful kind of love...taking the fear away...smiles.

  4. fabulous read: there is storytelling. music, emotion and craft here. All those things which make your poetry such a wonderful thing.

  5. This is fascinating...I enjoyed the beauty of the conversation and the words: I love 'there are so many ways to touch someone..... Indeed there are.

  6. an elegant piece of work.
    yes, there are more questions than answers, but that's life.
    "But I’m afraid to even blink,
    ‘cause all of this could be gone when I open them."
    -- great line!

  7. Oh, this was spell-binding and so beautiful. As was the drawing. Isn't synchronicity like that fabulous? So many stellar lines in this piece. It will stay with me.

  8. Filled with meaning...this is lovely. As is the drawing!

  9. This is incredibly beautiful, intimate and tender. Sigh. Lovely!

  10. passionate, unique, captivating. good, fitting last line!

  11. How magical and lovely ~ And nice to meet you ~