Thursday, 6 June 2013

Poem: Remember a touch

I remember

how my skin found new depths of itself

under those caressing notes he played

and with what ease it seemed,

like he's been doing this for years

unravelling peoples skins,

pilling off their shells and armour

digging holes under the roots of tall trees

speaking in soothing tones; as if it's the voice

which can break another heart; when in fact

it's the words which escape our mouths

with no thunder, no lighting

yet they cut through flesh without leaving behind

bleeding wounds; I forgot,

forgot the words to which I'm an author

but I carry yours inside me - sadness surrounds them

for the truth once was; we took steps in the same

direction, yet the paths were our own

we stuck together through any kind of weather

and still remembered we once stood alone

in the wonderment of childhood

only now do we realize the magic we used to experience

have we escaped it and why would we want to?

has the present taught us to run away?

with half bent knees building a future

making endeavours to follow conformity in our paths

oh, I do remember a touch

which caught me and brought me back here

and the choices I make will never be the same again


I'm not good at what I'd call "intentional writing", where you have a few starting point and instructions to follow, but here and there I try some new things. This poem is a contribution to Poetry United prompt - I remember. It's the fastest I ever wrote a poem, I think. Does it show?


  1. "but I carry yours inside me - sadness surrounds them" How beautifully this poem flows down the river of remembrance. Very beautiful to read. I didnt used to be able to write to prompts - but now I find they really help, when one is trying to write every day, as it gives us a starting point. You did wonderfully with this prompt!

    1. thank you, glad you liked it.. yes, this one was a great starting point.

  2. Ha, we can always get back the magic.... If we escaped it, we can find it again. We might not make the same choices, but we might find magic elsewhere! I did like the flow of your poem. Sometimes this technique works, and it obviously worked for you.

    1. or maybe it's that childhood innocence which escaped us.. we can still recapture it through the eyes of our children. and thank you :)

  3. yet they cut through flesh without leaving behind - Love this line the image it gives, Love and blood are soul mates, interwoven into the very soul of us. Words cut and produce life. Well captured, i really liked it.

    1. you put it lovely, thank you for that. :)

  4. Beautiful! "only now do realize the magic we used to experience..." so true and yes we can recapture it through our children.

  5. Nice flow as if you were putting down everything that came along coherently

    1. thank, I'm glad to hear if flows well, in my head it didn't ;)

  6. Enjoyed reading your poem!I think this shows that the prompt touched something in your heart and the words came flowing out!

    1. that's true, it did touch a part in me.. thank you.

  7. You are a very good writer. I am enjoy poems that thought provoke and gets the reader to think in a reflective state. You do that well, keep it up

    1. thank you, I like those kind of poems too, and I'm glad if readers find something more in the poems, something that gets them thinking, or feeling.