Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Poem: Past keeps the engine burning

today is not the day to put your face up on the wall
but to wish goodnight to the green clouds
while your past keeps the engine burning
falling through space, weightless deeds

moon can easily hide her face, as a guilty thief never can
conversation flew onward, and you listened, but it was you
who was talking; as you are pulled through the same old problems
same old lessons, never learned

I don't want to take your steps and call them my own
what you learn in school is not a quarter of what you learn in life
everything we create, we put on race tracks
in the image of winning, essence is lost

glass breaks, leaving windows like chewed shoes
your hand won't find happiness, reaching out like that
fate holds everything, yet her seeds blossom into nothing
even the strongest get to taste the fall

this scene needs a little more colour, and there is time
search the depths of every lake and sea
there is always that extra step, which one takes after failure,
by which one's life will be richer, appreciated.

The feeling of the song "Eye of the storm" by Lovett was the initial reason for writing this poem, back in spring of 2011.

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