Sunday, 28 July 2013

Poem: Dreams awake

in the back seat of our parents car
we made up dreams as kids
roll down your windows
see the land fall beneath you
as if on a feather you ride

hundreds of colourful balloons
each carrying a piece of your innocent wishes
taking you on this rollercoaster ride
do you remember how things felt
seeing them for the very first time?

and how parents kept
the lastness of things a secret
had to learn on our own
with each passing place
we found ourselves at another crossroad

before too long it's you who takes the wheel
a lone rider with anywhere to go
chasing god where starlight kisses the sky
where sunlight touches the horizon
only the shadow of a tree marks the passing of time

balloons burst, one by one
those innocent wishes making you smile as they rain
when you find yourself at the crossroads in the night
you realize as long as you keep dreams awake
you won’t fall down

with keeping your promises you make your turn
doesn’t seem like the first or the last time

This was written as a prompt by the mag: link. 
I usually give up quickly on prompts, but this one kept going...


  1. Kept the lastness of things a secret...I love that...

  2. i like the whole concept especially the baloons bursting symbolozing innocence gonig away

    fancy hov ridin'

  3. Innocence is gone too soon.
    I miss my brother. He's still alive, and we talk very occasionally, but there is much tension between us. We were so close as kids. I doubt we ever will be again. It's heartbreaking to me.

    1. it's interesting to me how siblings, who should be close (they share the same blood, the same genes, the pieces of childhood), grow apart.. some to the point of hate, and the walls they create are too strong. and I agree about the innocence.

  4. Kids and cars? Not always a good combination!

  5. Your poem is lovely .. bringing back memories of all those rides in the car with my parents and two sisters.

  6. Beautiful response to the prompt...

  7. May all be willing to actually find Him when the time comes.

  8. Great concept of lost dreams being balloons bursting.

    Really enjoyed this one.


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  10. I think one of the reasons we can write, Natasa, is because we never lose that childhood joy in all things. We hang onto it.

    1. that's a very lovely thought. it might be.

  11. Excellent piece. Ollie would be proud if he had any idea what was going on