Sunday, 29 September 2013

Poem: Throwing rocks of their imagination through books

I found you in the glass shattering into space
I've slept on your shoulders and curled up at your feet
helped you shape your memories
as we played between right and wrong 
                     between real and fake
but your mind kept waiting
demanding something more
like a flower in a dry land
let's take a walk through a house
where children's dreams are caught
tables and chairs were battlefields 
                          OF THEIR IMAGINATION
the halls through which their fears haunt
the thrilling sense of wild spirits
caged somewhere in their youth
escaping into a kaleidoscope 
                THROUGH BOOKS
gazing at the lighthouse in the dust storm
the secret code to board the ship lingered on my tongue
I remember as if it was the last time

Inspired by Sigur Ros -Varúð


  1. it gives a feeling of lingering on:) beautifull

  2. The battlefields of childrens imagination - a fantasy land to be sure!

  3. Natasa, I am not sure I am interpreting this poem thoroughly as you meant it; but to me it speaks about the love of books and how books can really teach important lessons as well as enrich a person's life. Books can develop someone's IMAGINATION as well as give one a 'secret code' to a future. Books can & do work miracles! I used to read a REAL lot as a child, and your poem evoked a lot of feeling in me. Thank you!!

    1. I think whatever you find in the poem is just correct, and yes, I read a lot as a child as well, and they stick with us, don't they? :)

  4. Such beautiful imagery you've painted with your careful, tender words. Thank you.

  5. smiles...i like the desire to walk through the childrens imaginations...they def see things differently than we do...i think at times they see more of the world or more into it so i think we should return there as oft as we can...and books have always been my escape....

  6. i love the way the title makes its room in the poem..........and takes us in too..

  7. I like the idea of books unleashing children's imagination! As a child I lived there a lot.

  8. now i can see why some of the words are in CAPS. :)

    intriguing poem. i would like to think that this poem is about how books can shape a child's imagination. but it could be more than that.

  9. I especially love the walk through a house "where children's dreams are caught"........and the lines about books as vehicles of dreams really speak to me, as books have been my launching pad my entire life.

  10. Oh, the magic of make-believe inspired by the adventures written across countless pages. I loved the voice in this, Natasa. It was soft and sure and made me remember the pure fun of child's play.

  11. Such beautiful imagery--I love how this makes me feel

  12. beautiful imagery, beautifully written

  13. So love the descriptive palette of this childhood. Especially love the image generated by:
    "gazing at the lighthouse in the dust storm".

  14. I like that children's dreams are filled with imagination ~ Much like how books take one on a journey ~

  15. "the secret code to board the ship lingered on my tongue
    I remember as if it was the last time"

    thanks for taking me back again. love.

  16. Nataša, I totally forgot to mention how gorgeous your photographs were on Poets United. Absolutely stunning!

  17. Love this ! Books have always been a part of my life and my children's. Can't count how many times I read Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web to my daughters.

  18. Natasa,

    What a lifetime of memories we receive from our journeys with books and the words we remember from reading them...

    Thank you for sharing those delightful photographs from your home country. Nice to embrace another landscape!!


  19. thrilling sense of wild spirits that is inspired and full of joyful abandon as the capital letters thread their way smoothly through the verse. I liked it immensely. Brilliant stuff.