Thursday, 8 October 2015

Poem: About Time

Time should be a logical thing
made up of dates, hours, minutes, seconds...
one following the other, same measure – anyway you look at it
It may have happened a year ago,
but it seems it was yesterday
It may have happened a few months ago,
but it seems it was few years ago
as if our internal clocks go as they please
with a mind of their own
such a relative thing, yet it controls
much of our thinking and planning
It has many expectations – what
we expect to have and achieve to a certain age
not questioning if we are ready
but searching for a perfect time
also has its flaws
Do you know how many hours you spent sleeping?
And how dreams bend that perception of time?
And how hard it is on some days, to just get out of bed
How many dreams have you dreamt
from the worst nightmare
to the feelings we could only dream up?
so many problems you resolved
as you drifted away
from the stairs of the past
from the promise of the future
time has ability to cure many woes
you live in a maze of space and time
and all you have is now
everything else is a distraction
we all yearn for the moments
when time just stops and stands still
like when you look into your lovers eyes
and there is just the two of you in the universe
Written for the Mag #288


  1. Fine writing, and rather moving.

  2. I think I'm going to make this my motto tomorrow! I love it:

    "you live in a maze of space and time
    and all you have is now
    everything else is a distraction"

    Very zen

  3. ah...from extreme logical to the core of heart..moments becoming eternal...what a romantic turn!...beautiful Natasa...

  4. I pay very close attention to my dreams, and being prone to sleeplessness, I appreciate every hour of sleep I have.

  5. I think time is something we always struggle with, and inside it's not even irreversible.. We travel back and forth but not at will,

  6. we all yearn for the moments
    when time just stops and stands still

    Ah yes.. indeed there are times when we want to capture that special moment forever.
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  7. Everything else is a distraction ..words to live by!

  8. Time is so relative....and definitely isn't always logical in the way we view it...and I agree that the best of times are those moments when time stands still in a lover's presence!

  9. So many philosophical questions in this wonderful poem..time is indeed a maze..perhaps al we can do is keep going until we figure our way out

  10. time is still a thing of mystery, though we thought we have it under control.
    a great ending for your poem, those last two lines.

  11. "And how dreams bend that perception of time?"

    good question; our subconscious sneaks in its two cents in every decision we make, surely,
    Happy Sunday to you and thanks for those beautiful photos you shared with us at the Pantry today

    much love...

  12. It would be nice for time to stop and be still...but its a dream, more likely a distraction ~

  13. I adored this conversation about very true....I have been longing for those frozen moments lately.

  14. The many facets of time, well penned....I especially like time stopping, when one looks into their lover's eyes........sigh. Lovely, Natasa. I enjoyed your photos so much, too - you live in such a beautiful landscape.

  15. I love that first line. It really moves you into the piece. I think because it's so mysterious and evocative.

  16. Time is so different - speeds by when with or doing something loved, crawls when in a hospital waiting room. Well written and so very true. and thank you for the lovely photographs! Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  17. The relativity of time is fascinating. We pretend it has the logic of your opening stanza, but experience it in many more dimensions as your subsequent stanzas show. Nice!

  18. Ah, I treasure such moments, when we forget the time....evocative writing....

  19. So true, time might be measured but it sure has its own plan as to how it effects us.

  20. Lots to ponder here. And yet we only have this present moment, while all the rest are distraction. Really good contemplation,


  21. love the ' a maze of space and time' - your poem takes us through every twist and turn of time