Friday, 10 May 2013

Poem: To be human

I wake up half in gratitude, half in regret
                feeling the end is near
forgetting how to breathe in the sky
gratitude grows into euphoria, regret turns into fear
for my heart is aware that this life is final
a passing visitor is all I am to this world
and I try to make it matter
to justify my being here, breathing in
I focus on the light in the night that never goes out
round and round it spins, counting down the days
we illuminate the roads to see where we're treading
- as if they are able to reveal the future the roads are holding
- as if knowing the future would make us better decision-makers
these days will matter more to us when we'll be looking back on them
I fear losing future
or is this fear a fear of detachment?
when the world forgets us
we'll learn to disappear completely and not matter
nothing lasts forever but dust
all our children will judge our decisions
and what if this ache never disappears?
what if this hunger never settles?
only one thing is required
       be human
to reach the light and leave a piece of it for those behind
but most important roads are never highlighted
messy hearts always driving home and never waking up


  1. As humans with a finite existence, we have limitless possibilities and opportunities to make our brief life "matter". I like you how expand about that uplifting idea. And yet, you end on a realistic observation. We never tread on those paths which we dreamt of.

    Brilliant and thought-provoking poem.

    1. Nicely put. Thank you. I'm alway realist first, even in poetry.