Saturday, 25 May 2013

Poem: We steal each other

snowflakes covered the freckles of her skin
as she was reminiscing about the taste
the air had, when they held each other
»Sweep me like the wind,« she said,
»to the place where conversation flows with no restrictions
and the sky turns into the sea.«
they swam until their veins were full of crystal water
and their vessels of soil embracing their hearts
                             with no resisting light -----
if you had to choose, which sense would you keep?
for we steal each other in many ways we can
finding beauty in little imperfections that identify us
mirrors are a proof of our lust
we all pay a price for love
and some »I love you«'s hold a BUT
and some, though be heartfelt, hold no future
but still no miles can ever separate us
even on a sunny afternoon she would hold out her tongue
   to catch the snowflakes
for it's the heart that won't give in
   to this avalanche



  1. Really, we have to pay a price to love.....just loved your poem, read it again and again,,,,,,,,,lovely and just amazing;)

  2. love the flow between the human and the environmental, from the emotional to the concrete. Your writing has a real elegance about it: beautifully done!

  3. Love the title and imagery here specially: for we steal each other in many ways we can ~ A pleasure to read your poem ~ Happy week ~