Monday, 28 October 2013

Poem: Before pen touches paper

Should I continue from where I left off? Ignore
the unwritten chapters in between? Characters
remain the same, yet forever changed by the problems
and wounds they let in. Every life is a rose petal
and it's fall echoes like a sparrows song.
It's a slow process of progression from one
side to the other. Your goal a reality
or a dream – a plain difference when you try
to write it in a letter; gazing so carefully
at the words, the words gaze back at you.
And you giggle at your own hallucinations. In the dream
of our imagination the children whisper
of men’s faults. Calling for a home of peace so close
at hand in the green fields.  Before the moment
of waking up, we are larger than life. Nothing out of place.
Writers have not run out of ink, but out of hope
and confidence. There forever remains a silence 
                before pen touches paper.

 Finally autumn inspiration kicked in; the weather is perfect for melancholic music and reading. Even Ollie has been a bit more lazy than usual. The first picture was five years ago, something like that, and even though people say I look young, I think I looked younger back then ;)


  1. Sometimes it does happen we juct have no muse to write about.

  2. Beautiful...specially the last line, so true "There forever remains a silence before pen touches paper"

  3. A new idea, the chapters in between vs picking up from here ... a writer may well hesitate before using the pain. Thank you.

  4. Oh the silence before pen touches paper . . . I know that silence.

  5. That's a beautiful picture and perfect for your pensive poem about writing poetry.

  6. that chasm between the swirl and the scratch of ink. well penned ~ M

  7. Natasa, I LOVE the photo - The Poet at Work! This is a beautiful poem. I especially love "Every life is a rose petal
    and its fall echoes like a sparrows song".

  8. "Every life is a rose petal
    and it's fall echoes like a sparrows song." Gorgeous line!

  9. Of late I have felt that lack of confidence...What a wonderful capture of what goes through the mind of a writer

  10. and some days it is a shame we must wake for that last moment of greatness you know....some dreams just wait on us though to find that hope and confidence...

  11. Gorgeous line....about the rose petal~
    Yes, this view swirls and scratches the surface of all we deal with!
    Well versed

  12. something we all struggle with at time...caught well in this poem...

  13. The title itself says so much!

  14. This is absolutely gorgeous. And this one "there forever remains a silence before pen touches paper" is absolutely true...