Sunday, 20 October 2013

Poem: Voice of a tamed wolf

words leave your lips like a voice of a tamed wolf 
                in silence, with a touch of moonlight
you sense the power they could've had
as the feet seem to remember some path of old
but can't decide which one feels more like home
hundred battles you fought to stay sane 
                your uniform laying on the floor
on your way out, you stumble upon it, every time
a reminder of dreams you had to let go
all black beside you now, only images firing up in your mind 
                like stepping into quicksand
a week is a day, and a night is a minute
running towards an unidentified goal
or drifting away from what you achieved
you watch how everything changes 
                transforming back and forth into a swirl
changing the nature of living
but you keep waking up inside your skin
and are already missing those waking moments
which need no modifications to be perfect



  1. beautifully expressed. powerful words.

  2. Words ca sometimes heal and sometimes wound us. Lovely poem

  3. Natasa,

    What a powerful poem, which I believe might touch upon the subject of human turmoil and illness. The fears and the small steps of bravery required to simply get through each day. Very well related here...


  4. ouch...what an opening....i dont want to be tame...and be left knowing how much power they could have had....waking up missing those wakeful moments...what a sad realization that would be...happy sunday natasa

  5. Whew, nice poem here...I think it could speak both of a wolf and a person. Wildness may be natural, but sometimes one allows oneself to be tamed. There are trade-offs with this, however, and I think both a person & a tame wolf will always look back on the wildness with a sense of nostalgia.

  6. Oh, I loved this. Such emotion twined in every line. Just perfect, Nataša.

  7. "but you keep waking up inside your skin
    and are already missing those waking moments
    which need no modifications to be perfect".... beautiful resolution to this poem.

  8. there are some great lines in this... terrific poem

  9. "but you keep waking up inside your skin" is powerful. I know that feeling. Love the "voice of a tamed wolf"..........I lived with a wolf for 14 years - he was part tame, but kept his Alpha spirit to the last moment of his life.

  10. This is a piece to come back to again and again for me--for me it speaks to the issues of being present and authentic in that present--and feeling the transformations make their way--just a terrific piece!

  11. wow & wow... the sadness in the image of a tamed wolf, the words stripped of power... & the punch of the final three lines... beautifully poetic, the truths imaged in your poem will stay with me

  12. I specially like the last verse ~ I think mst of mind are walking & dwelling in the unconscious ~ Good one ~

  13. very strong imagery. i am not too sure, but i think this is a poem about a person's internal conflicts, which i gathered from the opening lines