Sunday, 15 December 2013

Poem: Beams

from out of that darkness
fiery feathers are beaming
in all their splendour
reaching out
glowing tall and fragile
for love, loss and a lonely heart
as a soft whisper of courage
echoing in the shadowy halls
with just a flicker
they ignite hope
I could immerse myself
in their dancing waves
and talk for hours
of the shadows they startled
staring long enough
till I become the flame
we can still see a star
on the night sky
even after it dies
and I wish our beams would shine on
conquering the speed of light


This was written as a prompt to Candle and Lights at dVersePoets.
I've always been attracted to candle lights, stars..and winter can be full of those things, so I can't wait for a bit of snow, a warm room, some hot tea and candles. And of course... a good book ;)


  1. becoming the flames yourself and seeing the star still after it has long died... physics always fascinated me and how difficult it is sometimes for us to really capture it..... conquering the speed of light would be way cool...

  2. ha. i like the imagery of the fiery feathers reaching out...and smiled as well at them startling the darkness...and the becoming of the flame...well constructed piece natasa

  3. I especially love your closing lines, still seeing a star after it dies, and wishing for our beams to continue on. Lovely.

  4. The imagery of light as a connection -- really like the end.. surely we need the speed of light.

  5. Yes, candles can ignite hope indeed...and I, too, could watch them for hours. I find them quite hypnotic!! Nice poem, Natasa.

  6. We sure can carry that beam of light not just this time but all year round ~ Good to see at D'verse Natasa ~

    Merry Christmas to you ~

  7. Beautiful imagery in this ... candle light, stars ... what could be more magical? Meaningful, too ... lovely :)

  8. I am loving hope being lighted via this prompt! Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  9. Visiting your poem a second time, Natasa. Indeed we can see a star long after it dies....makes me think that perhaps we can all hope for in some way!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  10. ...and talk for hours
    of the shadows they startled
    staring long enough
    till I become the flame....

    And I think the beams become the spirit of place, felt by others though not recognized in detail. Happiness of the season!

  11. Natasa,

    I simplt adore candles and the light they give. It assists so many moments in life, particularly contemplation and prayerful moments...Love the image.

    Happy Christmas and Holiday Season Natasa,

  12. once hope is ignited it will keep shining ......i like fiery feathers and the shining dead stars...

  13. "fiery feathers"- lovely image Natasá! I like the idea of candles igniting hope and the poet becoming the flame. Beautiful poem!

  14. loved your poem, especially the closing lines. light gives us hope.

  15. 'til I become the flame' - well put, staring at the light.

    beautiful photos on the main PU page, too, Natasa ~

  16. There is something soothing and spiritual about flickering flames. You captured that so beautifully, Nataša. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year.

  17. Hope can certainly sustain and conquer yearnings given time. Nicely Natasa!


  18. I wish I had written this . . . So beautiful and rich. The symbolism of the flame as the light of life . . . "glowing tall and fragile for love, loss and a lonely heart as a soft whisper of courage" Everything about this elegant writing draws me into, and demonstrates its meaning, without insulting the readers intelligence by making it obvious and trite.

  19. Nice... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year