Sunday, 8 December 2013

Poem: Painting and a teacup

in a room,
where time stands still
where sounds of a piano may still linger in the dimmed corners
there lays a painting of you looking back at us
though your wandering spirit has long left
its' tiny shoes in the teacup, and went to rest
things you once used linger on the table
with little or no sunlight
glitter of old days still remains on the edges
through these things I can see you
as you once were
full of joy, taking life by the hand
with its' troubles and sweetness
I keep a conversation with you in my mind
you share the secrets and the wisdom
that you gathered in your lifetime
it may take one hundred years for ideas to blossom
and I think of you more often than I would admit

Written as a poetry prompt by RealToads. The artist of these photographs is Jennifer MacNeill, HERE is her official page and HERE is her flickr page.


  1. I love this...surrounded with memories that evoke a presence so treasured. Beautiful response to the prompt!

  2. The teacup was my other choice ~ I like the remembrance of those memories, seeing the lingering keepsakes & even remembering conversations ~

  3. I really looked at both these images as well - really connect with the teacup - it really is an emotional photo and you really captured the intrigue of it with our poetic words. Thank you!

  4. I didn't look at the prompt, but your work here is gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by my blog--you should know that when I tried to link back to you from your comment on my blag, it took me to a google+ site in Chinese. I didn't think it was you.

    1. you're most welcome. and the things internet does.. that's just weird.