Sunday, 22 November 2015

Poem: Every leaf is a thought

every leaf is a thought that falls
from the mouth, touching the ground
some yellow, some red with fire
they either mark the new path
or soil the old one; they can carry
different weight, although logically
they are all the same, made of letters
and words; yet some fall heavy on the heart
and can weight a person down,
some touch the heart gently
and they lift up the spirit, as if
they attached a balloon on it
it takes the same amount of time
and energy, but the intention
has different arrows and aims;
fear is a powerful tool,
it spreads like wild fire,
burning bridges; through the smoke
we stay blind to the truth,
as the war over power rages on
and you will never know
the amount of hearts in need of mending
and what will it take to fix it all


  1. The thoughts of the falling leaves... Maybe we have to wait for new buds to guide us to a better world.

  2. We do stay blind to the truth..choked by the smoke of misinformation and fear. Relevant poem.

  3. What will it take to fix it all? A poignant question on many lips!
    Here's hoping for a more peaceful new year.

  4. "...the intention / has different arrows and aims;" and that makes all the difference...dreaming of those that lift up the spirit in this new year...

  5. I am not sure what we need to have a better guide on this earth. Great start in making this reader reflect.

    Happy New Year, Natasa.

  6. What a wonderful contemplation - yes, logically both good and bad thoughts weigh the same although they feel different...perhaps we can't fix everything but maybe we can brush away the fallen leaves and look forward to the new bloom

  7. I like the idea that every leaf is a thought....and hopefully there are more words that lift a person up than words that weigh a person down..... What will it take to fix it? Now that is the question....

  8. Such an exquisite write :D wishing you a happy & prosperous new year!

  9. what will it take indeed, perhaps more than we can collectively muster. I like the idea of leaves as thoughts, plentiful but quite unpredictable in their intent. nice

  10. couldn't agree more with the last two lines

  11. Falling leaves as thoughts that need to be released, I like that! Leaves must fall as the trees need time to rejuvenate with buds of hope in the spring. May it be so!

  12. This is such a wonderful poem, one that really made me think. That line, "has different arrows and aims" I particularly love.

  13. I like your idea here of leaves being thoughts and words. There are those who count on our fear overtaking us leaving us quaking but I choose to believe that there are many more "leaves" of upliftment and good than the ones that bring us harm.
    Gayle ~

  14. Wow....I read this several times. Each time your words burned into my brain that image of life and words and emotions as falling leaves....and oh those so true words about fear and how it can be used to cause such destruction. This is an amazing poem! Wishing you a Happy New Year Nataša!

  15. Thoughtful poem, and imagine leaves as thoughts - I like it...intention indeed important as well as conscious use of those words....great on you! Happy New Year, Natasha!

  16. If only we could always return to the yellow gentle zone as we move forward. To quote Frank Herbert "Fear is the Mind killer."

  17. A plea for prayer... well done

  18. Those closing lines speak directly to my heart, kiddo - "you will never know the amount of hearts in need of mending, and what it will take to fix it all."

  19. A powerful piece, written with depth and poignancy.

  20. I really like the idea of thoughts as leaves, falling to the ground to become the nurture for new ones,


  21. this is so true, fear is a powerful tool. with all the misinformation on the web, it is a challenge to find the truth. :(

  22. So true, it takes as much energy to say something positive as it does to express fear. Not certain what it will take to fix, mend broken hearts, but love is usually my go to answer. We have to love so strongly, to change fire.

  23. I hope we can figure out that will, indeed, take to fix it all... Then, I hope we choose to do it.