Saturday, 5 December 2015

Poem: Human maps

feeling of comfort flows over
as I hug my legs, and pulling
 the weary knees closer to the heart,
like a foetus, comfortly floating and not
demanding anything, funny how we litter
our minds with things, how we surround our skins,
pushing us further away from nature,
how we expose our bare skin, but hide
our hearts, as if it takes a miracle
to find love, gently the curls tickle
the skin, playfully reminding the magic
the body can sense, so many skins we shed
in process of developing the current
personality, yet it's hard to put a finger on
what stayed the same, strange to imagine,
it only took two cells to start building a body,
what do you call a mistake?
our skins, a perfect map
and we love the person
who lovingly discovers
all the bruises, valleys and gaps
and still sees the perfection
of the being within