Monday, 15 April 2019

Poem: On motherhood

nobody tells you, or if they do point out
that it's gonna be hard, you kind of think
"Well, I'm ready and prepared."
but the truth is... you have no idea
how hard it's gonna be
how the world is gonna change
how you're gonna look back and won't recognize
your old self anymore; you're lost
in this space where you miss your past
but don't really know who you have become
regretting all the worries you had,
because now they seem small and unimportant
wishing you'd enjoyed and achieved more,
because now those goals you had
are on hold, and plans change by the minute
everybody else is making you feel guilty
because they idealize motherhood,
but you know there are days
where you'd like an hour by yourself,
or even just a moment to catch your breath
but most days that won't happen,
especially if nobody has your back
or you feel too selfish to ask for help,
because you'd feel guilty for not
enjoying this ideal picture
and you didn't think how lonely it can get
it takes all of you to take care of a baby
drastically growing in front of your eyes
you can't help but wonder "when did this happen?"
and how the time flies, wishing you could go back
and relive some moments, like the moment they were born,
when the smiled at you for the first time, laughed for no reason,
sought comfort in your arms and hugged you real tight...
it's you they know and have known all their little lives
you are their world and you try as you know how
nobody is born to be a perfect parent
we all learn as we go through
nobody is ready for the bond that starts growing,
for the love you feel and the days you never thought
would be like this, but the sad or happy truth is
whatever you are going through, this too shall pass
and become a memory, and as they say "it will be hard,
but it will be worth it."

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