Saturday, 17 August 2013

Poem: Wait for me

This image was used as album cover for Blind kiss by Head on.


I felt your ribs
when we were slow dancing
drifting through the city
with its dreams painted on the street walls
and I have mine carved in the halls of my heart
where we hide our most precious things

I felt you shiver
if your love is like a sea
I wish your thorax is full of water
draw me – love notes on my skin
till the fire burns up the bones
and you'll look for me through fountain eyes

love – till the verge of madness
I lure you with my words in this game of blindness
 we like to dress in mystery -  defining our morals
you catch me in a moment  and blind my eyes with daisies
I know your voice, it whispers
between your heartbeats

lose your lips on me
            and wait for me


This is my 100th post here. Dancing my mini happy dance ;)


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!! So glad it is here in Poetry Pantry.

    Love the sensuality of your poem here...the longing, the burning, the love, the whispers! A joy to read!!

  2. Love till the verse of madness ~ Hopefully that blindness leads to genuine admiration ~

    And congrats on your 100th post, a milestone ~

  3. draw love notes on the skin til fire burns up the, nice intensity to that...lose your lips on me...nice,,,,intense passion in your words...blinding with daisies...ha i like that too...smiles.

  4. beautiful I just love that first verse.

  5. What a beautiful 100th post (well, it's a beautiful post no matter its number). "you catch me in a moment and blind my eyes with daisies" - oh, that's a perfect line. I loved this poem.

  6. I enjoyed the sensuality you convey through your use of imagery and rhythm!

  7. Congrats on your 100th post, Natasa...!! I loved this passionate well penned. Beautiful.

    "we like to dress in mystery - defining our morals
    you catch me in a moment and blind my eyes with daisies
    I know your voice, it whispers
    between your heartbeats"-- Wow!!Love this...

  8. Such amazing use of words. To love someone till the verge of madness is something that really remained in my mind after I read this. Got to say, love is best when it is like that.

  9. Rich and well crafted sensuality here - I enjoyed this Natasa and will be back for more... Regards Scott

  10. This is the kind of poem, I read and wish I had written. It is so beautifully realized and says so much about loving another human being.

    you catch me in a moment and blind my eyes with daisies...

    What a remarkable line that is.

  11. Congrats on your 100th! I so enjoy your work--and for me, this piece is so well crafted, that I barely notice the work--it just flows for me--beautiful, beautiful work!

  12. This is a lovely read and congrats on the 100th. Keep going, before you know it , it will be a thousand:)

  13. liquid and languid - nicely penned, Natasa ~ M


  14. lovingly crafted!
    great imagery, loved "dreams painted on the street walls".
    i liked the way you structured the poem. :)


  15. a nice write up.....enjoyed the lines..

  16. Sensuous, beautiful, wonderful, lovely lovely lovely!
    Anna :o]