Monday, 19 August 2013

Poem: We are theirs

Photo by Elena Kalis

                WE ARE THEIRS

water bleeds out the reflection of me
my body can't hide in the blue light
we paint our bodies, setting milestones in time
in the raw pocket of the universe
where we've been for the last minute or two

I crumble into thousand pieces of regret
searching for guidelines, to define a purpose
learning not to let the current drift me away
I breathe the smell of loneliness
above the ashes of burned bodies we walk

let us chase the moon one last time
may the moonlight tie our hands together
and may the wild spirits living in our bones
reach out for the home they once lost
they keep calling through the depths of fire and flood

                -- we are theirs.

 Another prompt by Magpie Tales, for Mag #182. The image and the song Burial at sea by Mono really created the atmosphere from where I could write this.


  1. Hey! Hey! I adore this one. The depth, like water, is intense. "I crumble into thousand pieces of regret" fabulous line!

  2. Striking, superb and quite extraordinary.

  3. wow....really some great elements to this natasa....the spirit in the bones reaching out has to be my fave part...what a mix of emotion as well..the loneliness...raw pocket of the universe....there is a togetherness and not in this that is intriguing...

  4. Natasa, this is my first time reading you, thanks to your stopping by my blog. It starts off solitary, then expands into a relationship that has affected her deeply. I love when you did with this ekphrastic prompt, and "the spirit in the bones," reaching out, sang out to me from the screen. You are gifted. Amy

  5. I really love the ending wow!!! Very powerful poem we are always searching for meaning for purpose for passion but also peace


  6. my favorite lines are : learning not to let the current drift me away
    I breathe the smell of true and so nicely put up.

  7. Oh, I love this. Too many fabulous lines to quote, but there is an intensity here that really sings. Beautiful, Natasa.

  8. nicely done and thanks for sharing your words