Friday, 23 August 2013

Poem: I cried out

as I walked through the forest
I only heard my footsteps making the way
through overgrown shrubs and weeds
my feet felt light, unburdened by thought
still there was an image of death around the corner
which kept haunting, its' fingers grabbing me by the knees
in the evening light white cotton kept a fragment of its' colour
while only wolves cried whole through the night
from somewhere deep in their wounds
their sadness sings itself a lullaby
we all came here to die alone
I cried out
»It's not the time!«
through deafening silence I heard
- as if to reply –
the Earth breathing high above trees
as if to say I am hers'

Written as a poetry prompt by Poets United: I cried out. But it's something that has been there in the back of my head for a while now. Still have a paranoia I'm gonna die soon. I'm working on it ;)


  1. I especially love the singing of the sad wolves. I do hope you can send the universe a message you intend to be here a long time, so those thoughts will leave you alone. I love the earth "breathing high above the trees". Lovely.

  2. Good piece. Lots of good imagery. Well done.

  3. this is beautiful :-) wonderful use of imagery ...

  4. I'm glad you tucked the confirmation in that it wasn't time yet, Nataša. This made me feel hopeful and reminded me how we are all connected with this earth and what lies beyond. Beautiful.

  5. I've just come back from a walk in the forest, and it is life affirming too. Utterly peaceful and living - and timelessly old. You've captured a part of the forest wonderfully, but it has many positive spirits too.