Sunday, 25 August 2013

Poem: Passing place

photo by Steven Kelly

we run and we hide
then we complain when nobody finds us
for who we really are –
how we contradict ourselves
when making the sweet escape
there are roads we built
through the harsh lands
one-way lines with a promise
of sunshine ahead
and there in between
are passing places –
paths we do not see,
until something stops us
something inside shreds our armour
we're all soldiers here
creating ghost towns
out of people we meet
without a guarantee of a safe crossing
we're in this together
now comfortable in our own silences
we walk towards life
or is it walking towards us?
it keeps breaking
like a blade of grass
in the winter frost
let us howl like the wolves
and follow those paths
before too long we'll be scratching through dirt
to find them
Another visual prompt by Magpie Tales - Mag 183.


  1. Your opening line really drew me in...nice write...

  2. Inventive and quick-witted. Good work.

  3. well done and thanks for sharing your words

  4. I enjoyed your words- but would have enjoyed them more in lines closer together!

    1. when I pasted it it looked close together, but somewhere something went wrong. thank you :)

  5. I feel like I'm buried alive in your poetry.

  6. "creating ghost towns out of people we meet"....I love that line...this is beautiful! :-)

  7. Very well done, Nataša! Followed.

  8. Well done, I like the messages within your write. It's much better I feel to walk towards life & explore those hidden paths. Wonderful work!